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Community events at Trinity

Afro-Carribean Expo 2017

(from 11:00 25/02/2017 to 19:00 25/02/2017)

Predominantly Afro-Caribbean owned businesses, stalls, food + more

Afro-Carribean Expo 2017 - Read More…

Back Scratcher Night Scratch

(Arts West Side, from 19:00 25/02/2017 to 22:00 25/02/2017)

A platform for individuals or groups of any size to present their work in early stage at SPACE

Back Scratcher Night Scratch - Read More…

Gas Girls

(from 19:00 19/05/2017 to 20:30 19/05/2017)

The untold story of the women who made mustard gas in North Bristol

Gas Girls - Read More…

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