Artist call out - In Between Time

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In Between Time are looking for artists to support Ria Hartley in IBT17 Bristol International Festival
Artist call out - In Between Time

Ria Hartley c. Benji-Reid

In Between Time are looking for 6 – 8 artists or performers working in Live Art, contemporary performance & theatre, at any stage in their practice, who can perform the role of ‘host’ to support artist Ria Hartley within her performance at IBT17 Bristol International Festival. ‘Look No Further’ is about the choice of self-marriage and is staged as a post wedding reception dinner, inviting an audience as guests to attend this unique celebration.

Your role in the piece will be integral to the audience’s experience, in how they enter the piece and how the reception dinner unfolds. The hosts will be welcoming the guests into the venue, leading them to their seats, serving guests and guiding them in moments through the piece. Each host will have a station and specific areas to attend.

We are looking for hosts who have experience in:

  • – Participatory performance/ theatre /live art

  • – Speaking /interacting to and with live audiences

  • – Leading & managing groups of audiences

You will receive a full briefing and rehearsal prior to the performance premiere on the 12 February 2017. The briefing, rehearsal and performance will take place at Trinity Centre, Bristol.

You will need to be available to attend the following times/dates:

  • – A performance briefing on the 8th of January 2pm – 5pm

  • – A rehearsal on 11th February 5pm – 8pm.

  • – The Performance on 12th February 6pm – 8pm, you need to be available to meet at 5pm.

There is a small symbolic fee for your participation in this piece of £50.

To respond, please send the following information:

  • – A statement of motivation and why you feel you connect with this performance, including a brief description of your work and any front of house/hosting/participatory performance experience you have.

  • – One link to an online reference to your work. Please provide links to specific work and not to your homepage on your artist website.

The brief should be no more than 500 words. Please send the above information to

Deadline for applications: 12pm, 5th December 2016

Artists notified by: 12th December 2016

More information about Look No Further:

Look No Further received the IBT17 Wild Card Award and will premiere at IBT17 Bristol International Festival, 12th February 2017

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