The First Cohort of Residences

by rhiannon last modified 12:51 17/01/2017
What a great start to 2017, we have been really busy preparing for our latest IGNiTE announcement
The First Cohort of Residences

Sara Dos Santos

We announced the call out for the first round of Artists Residencies at the end of last year. Part of the core of our IGNiTE project, we were looking for Artists or Companies whose work has engagement and participation at the core and who could work with our community groups in exciting and radical ways.

From a pool of very strong applications we've worked with our Programming Forum to select three exceptionally skilled residents who will be asking complex questions about the world we live in.

From Sara Dos Santos's interrogation of gentrification and its impacts to Caroline WIlliams exploration of how we segregate ourselves to Uninvited Guests consideration of what message we want to leave the future about the world we live in now, these artists are unafraid to ask big questions during their time with us.

What we find so exciting about all three residents is that they all know that they can't possibly answer these questions alone, and so they'll be using their time with us to speak and collaborate with our community groups and local residents.”

Fergus Evans, Theatre and Dance Producer

We are really, really excited about the work, ideas and possibilities of this first round of residences. There seems a sense of urgency about exploring who we are and how we are perceived by the world around us and we cannot wait.

Just putting the finishing touches into our Spring Season – so keep an eye / ear / digital lookout for announcements … or to whet your appetite until we do announce our next season, don’t miss Project O or Dickie Beau or drop your kids off for a Lone Twin workshop at Trinity as part of In Between Time Festival.

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