Artwork auction to raise funds for repairs

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Our auction will launch on 2 March 2017 to help us raise funds to repair the Trinity Centre
Artwork auction to raise funds for repairs

'Tricky' by Stewy is one of the limited edition artworks available through our online auction

Info about the artists who are supporting Trinity to raise vital funds for our charitable activities...


Andy Council

Andy is a renowned Bristol urban artist and illustrator, best known for his ‘creature-creations’ that incorporate the built heritage of Bristol’s cityscape.

The Trinity Fox features prominent historical buildings in Bristol’s Old Market Quarter.

You can get your hands on a limited edition hand-finished digital print, by supporting Trinity’s Crowdfunder, to raise funds for the Trinity Centre Conservation Project.

This original pen drawing (pictured) will be available to bid for via our online auction in March this year to raise funds for Trinity’s Conservation Project.



Jimmy Cauty & L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

Internationally renowned artist and musician, of KLF, The Orb, and Justified Ancients of Mu Mu has been supporting Trinity’s work since a visit to the centre as one of the first stops on the 2016 ADP Riot Tour. The work featured ‘a vast post-apocalyptic landscape populated only by the police and media crews’ housed inside a 40ft shipping container.

Jimmy’s politically insightful artwork has been exhibited around the world and in collaboration with Banksy at the 2015 Dismaland exhibition.

God Save the Trinity Centre is a punk-inspired poster that celebrates Trinity’s rich 40 year musical heritage, produced in collaboration with L-13 artists Billy Childish, Harry Adams and Jamie Reed.

Limited edition digital-print and screen-print versions of the artwork are available via the Trinity Crowdfunder to raise funds for The Trinity Centre Conservation Project. The original collage (pictured) will be auctioned in March...



Street-artist Stewy’s work includes stencils of iconic figures, including Bristol legends Tricky and DJ Derek.

DJ Derek was a much loved Reggae DJ, who played his sets in pubs and clubs in the Bristol area, as well as at Glastonbury Festival and across the country.

Stewy’s stencil of Derek became synonymous with the DJ’s disappearance in 2015. A full size version of the stencil can be found in our Main Hall, to provide a lasting legacy of Derek for his family, friends and those who loved his music. A limited edition version of this print help to raised over £1,000 for Trinity’s Youth Music Training Programme in 2016.

Knowle boy Tricky is a music producer and influential artist in the ‘Bristol Sound’ movement. He pioneered the 'trip-hop’ style of music that rose to prominence in the UK during the 1990s. Stewy’s original stencil of Tricky was made on a screen print plate and is signed by Tricky and the artist. The limited print, number 20/20 (pictured), will be available to bid for via Trinity’s online auction in March this year, to raise funds for the Trinity Centre Conservation Project.

Second versions of these prints are planned for September 2017, to help raise funds for Trinity’s Youth Music Programme.



Get your hands on a limited edition artwork

Visit our Crowdfunder and remember to sign up to our mailing list or contact to be the first to get the announcement when our auction page launches.


Visit the Renovation area of our website for more info about our repairs project.

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