You said, we did!

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Your feedback matters to us and we're working hard to maintain high standards in everything we do.
You said, we did!

Our upstairs hall, renovated thanks to YOUR feedback

In 2012 & 2014 we carried out community consultation into our activities and facilities. Below are some of the key suggestions and feedback that we received from you that we've acted on:

- “Bike racks” We fitted bike racks across the site and a bike shelter

- “I don't know what goes on there” We now distribute a regular e-newsletter and an annual newsletter to 15,000 local households and promote our activities on neighbourhood noticeboards

- “Children's play area” We installed an exciting play-scape inspired by nature and built to promote creative and interactive play

- “The entrance is so confusing I nearly walked out…” We redeveloped the Centre to improve layout for visitors, including a new daytime entrance and Reception

- “Heating” We have fitted a new boiler and underfloor heating for the upstairs hall spaces

- “Upstairs has limited facilities” We redeveloped the upstairs hall to create a large hall for theatre, dance and performance, weddings and parties

- “Doesn't really serve the community...there's no real community centric activities” Check out our Trinity Community Initiative and  IGNiTE Project for ways to get involved in shaping our programme

- “It looks boarded up” Check out our 2017 Renovation project, to repair windows, roof and stonework and make the heritage site a better place for visitors

We value your suggestions and they DO make a difference so please take the time to feed back to us.

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